Do you consider yourself a Christian?Yes
What do you think happens when we die?Heaven/Hell

About God

Do you believe in God?Yes
Are there more than one God?No
Did God have a beginning?No
Is God omnipotent (More powerful than everything)?Yes
Is God omniscient (All Knowing)? Yes
Is God omnipresent (Everywhere)?yes
Is God good?Yes
Did God create everything?Yes
Does God have a body?No
Does God change?No
Can God be surprised?No
Does God have free will?Yes

About Jesus

Do you believe Jesus is God?Yes
Was Jesus created?No
Did Jesus sin?No
Can Jesus forgive sins?Yes
Did Jesus physically die on a cross?Yes
Did Jesus physically rise from the dead?Yes
Is Jesus coming back to earth?Yes

About the Holy Spirit

Do you believe the Holy Spirit is God?Yes
Do you refer to the Holy Spirit as Who (not it)?Yes
Does the Holy Spirit indwell in humans?Yes
Does the Holy Spirit indwell everyone?No
Is speaking in tongues the only "sign" of the Holy Spirit?No

About Prayer

Do you believe in prayer?Yes
Is a human mediator (e.g. priest) required for prayer?No
Do you only read the prayers written by others?No
Do you repeat the same prayer every time you pray?No
Can you get anything from God if you ask it, believe it, receive it, and tell? No
Does God only hear prayers of repentance from non-Christians?No
Does prayer change God's plans and decrees?No
Do you pray?Yes

About Sin

Have all humans sinned (disobeyed) God?Yes
Are humans born innocent until they commit a sin?No
Is sin only defined by the culture?No
Is breaking any of the 10 commandments a sin?Yes
Can anyone obey the 10 commandments completely (literally and implied)?No
Can our good outweigh our bad?No
Has sin broken our relationship with God?Yes
Are all of our decisions influenced to some degree by sin?Yes
Does God hate sin?Yes
Can God be in the same place as sin?No
Is the punishment of sin death?Yes
Can our sins be completely forgiven by God?Yes
Are you trying to kill sin in your life?Yes

About Salvation

Do all people need to be saved from the wrath of God because of sin?Yes
Is faith in Jesus' death and physical resurrection required for salvation?Yes
Where people before Jesus saved by keeping the commandments?No
Will everyone be saved?No
Will people that are not saved go to Hell because of their sin?Yes
Do humans deserve salvation?No
Did God plan before the foundation of the earth who would be saved?Yes
Can we save our self by doing good works?No
Is baptism required for salvation?No
Does salvation require sorrow and repentance of sin?Yes
Does salvation result in regeneration (birth of new creation with new desires and ability)?Yes
Can a person that is truly saved lose their salvation?No
Have you asked God to forgive you of your sins and save you?Yes

About the Bible

Is the Bible the final authority of your beliefs?Yes
Was the Bible in the original languages inspired by God (God breathed)?Yes
Was the Bible in the original languages infallible (with out fault)? Yes
Was the Bible in the original languages inerrant (without contradiction)?Yes
Is there only one authorized translation of the Bible?No
Are all of the accounts in the Bible figurative?No
Is the Bible complete/finished?Yes
Do you read the Bible everyday?Yes